Carmen Morfe

I was first introduced to yoga by a gym teacher.  In high school I played many sports.  I enjoyed being active.  The exhilaration of challenging myself and my body to my limits. At times pushing myself too far, I’m still learning. Suffered through some injuries and surgeries, but I’m stronger because of yoga - in mind and body.

When a local studio opened my love and passion for yoga flourished.  I signed up for 200 hour teacher training to learn more about yoga.  I also learned a lot about myself.  Teaching just fueled my passion for hot power vinyasa yoga.  I enjoy a challenge. I enjoy the journey of discovery and awareness. I am currently working on completing my 500 hour certification.

Come to my class.  I will lead you through powerful flow.  I will challenge you.  You will discover the clear connection between mind, breath and body. My voice and music will guide you.  Breathe and move with me.