Tina has practiced vinyasa yoga for 10 years but not until the last 3 years did the practice and passion for it escalate. We all go through moments of stress and self doubt, yoga was the outlet, a way to self heal, become confident and stronger both in mind, body and soul. The practice felt good with an immediate transformation. In 2016, Tina completed her Yoga Alliance Certified 200 RYT Vinyasa teacher training at Younique Yoga Allenhurst, NJ. She has been teaching hot vinyasa yoga since November of 2016. In October 2018, she finished a 75 Continue Education for Mindfulness Based Yoga Therapy for Eating Disorders. 

Tina is known for being quirky fun and enthusiastic, non-judgmental all level and body type accepting teaching style. She focuses on building the students confidence, proper alignment and education of the yoga philosophy while also pushing their limits to their potential as yogi warriors. She has a passion for creativity that is apparent in her asanas, sequencing and especially her music choices, focusing on integrating the poses, theme and level of each class with a balanced reflection in the music.

The classes can range from pumped up music where the flows challenge the body and the mind to relaxing music in a yin-like flow that builds a mindful mind and body connection but slows down the process to have each student acknowledge how they feel in their body. Taking what we learn on our mat and bring to our daily lives is always her goal with each student. She feels greatly satisfied after each class being able to help each student through their own yoga journey, no matter their ability, their body size or their gender.