Angelique Flynn

Right after graduating Penn State in 2001 with a degree in English, Angelique Flynn took her first yoga class with her mom, as a way to spend more time together.  She fell in love with the practice, but did not make it a regular part of her fitness routine until she found Hot Vinyasa in 2013.  She was instantly obsessed and submerged herself in everything yoga by joining a work exchange program at her local studio and eventually traveling around the world on yoga retreats. 

She committed to a 200-hour certification with Dana Hot Yoga in Bala, PA in 2015 as a way to enrich her own understanding of yoga and dive deeper into her practice.  After teaching her first class, she knew in her heart that anyone - no matter what age, experience, or body type - could enjoy the benefits of a regular yoga practice and made it her mission to reach as many people as possible.  Within just one year, Angelique left her career in business development to teach yoga full time.

In addition to teaching Hot Vinyasa, Angelique also teaches Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Kids Yoga, and Hot Power Fusion. She is always seeking opportunities to learn more so she can help more people find peace and joy through yoga. She aims to challenge and empower her students to find courage on and off their mats.  Angelique is thrilled to join the emPower Yoga community.