Here is what some of our members have to say:

"Thank you Empower Yoga for giving me a place to breathe and let go through the past year. This studio has truly become my happy place."- Amanda L


"Empower yoga has brought so much into my life! Not only a sense of motivation and purpose into my free time, but also showing me just how strong I can be!!! It has brought a sense of calm into my hectic life, I always look forward to my next class!"- Laura D


"There are nights I'm on my mat and I feel incredibly confident, strong, and inner focused. The instructors have empowered and encouraged me to slow down, listen to my body (which means checking my ego!), and knowing that strength isn't necessarily the physical strength I already possess - sometimes it's the strength to take a step back and focus on my breathing verse doing "cool" poses. I also bring breathing and lessons I learn on my mat to into my professional work." - Monica F.


"I feel calmer, more balanced, and focused both at work and at home as a result of regular practice and the amazing team and community at Empower Yoga."- Lauren M


"This studio has empowered me in more ways than I would ever be able to explain. I have gained confidence in what my mind and body can do— it really amazes me how much my yoga practice has been able to grow and improve in less than a year. I have gained the ability to filter out the negativity in my life, to breathe when things get hard, and to focus on my own intentions. The community at Empower Yoga is amazing, and just being in a class with so many great people is motivating and empowering in and of itself."- Emily H


"Overall this studio has just made life more enjoyable. Practicing yoga has helped me relax and the community at Empower Yoga is very welcoming and friendly."- Matt F


"I’m a super anxious person, and emPower yoga has given me an outlet to help me get all of that out. After I go to a class, I feel like everything that I have been worrying about or stressing about doesn’t matter anymore. It’s super liberating to be able to get rid of all the things that hold me back. That’s something that yoga has always been able to do, but being part of this community has strengthened that."- Carly E


"Thanks to Empower Yoga, I am able to handle my stress better and feel much healthier. I think this helps me be a better teacher and person. The breathing and mediation strategies I've learned have also helped my students. I look forward to coming to class and challenging myself everyday. This is the first time I haven't given up on exercising after a couple weeks of going to the gym."- Erin K


"When I practice I feel strong. The combination of calming the mind while igniting the body is such a strong combination. It is addicting for sure.  I love Empower Yoga!"- Katie K


"I joined Empower Yoga on 3/30/18 and it has been quite the journey. The instructors have never given up on me and continue to support my practice.I have learned quickly how important yoga has become to my mind and body."- Jasmin S.


"Empower has helped me not question and doubt myself, two traits that struggle with continuously. The instructor’s and classes have taught me the value of relishing the moment and appreciating what my body and mind can do. Empower has also helped me not to be so tough on myself. I recognize that every day is different and just to enjoy the moment. I can also say that since starting my practice and being a part of the Empower community, I value trying and attempting new things. Whether it is a pose, new career path or meeting new people, Empower has helped me embrace discovery and looking forward to the journey."- Tony M